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Meet The Team

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Dr. Jean Latortue...

Jean latortue is a local family practice doctor in the heart of Mount Vernon, TX. Aside from Dr. Latortue's business he is also serves as the primary physician over Prodigy Salon and Spa in Mount Pleasant, TX. Dr. Latortue comes to us with great knowledge and experience in the medical field and he loves the cosmetic side of the industry as well. He is always here for us to answer any questions and keep a great standard for our company.

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Dr. Chace Connor... 

Dr. Chace Connor also came to Prodigy Salon and Spa with a great since of knowledge and experience. Dr. Connor serves as a hospitalist in Tyler, TX as well as serves as out secondary physician over Prodigy Medical Spa. Dr. Connor leads us with great effort and loves the cosmetic side of the industry as well. 

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