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Bath Products


Welcome to Prodigy Salon and Spa. We truly believe in our professional brand lines and how they can make a difference in your everyday life. Our selection of products vary from many different hair products, Skin care, Biote health vitamins, tanning lotions, locally roasted coffee, as well as candles, bath bombs, and scrubs. 

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Professional Hair Products

Our product line is complete with many different professional brands including, Redken, Moroccan oil, Pulp Riot, Matrix, Pureology, Biolage, Milkshake, and Loma.  

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Circadia Skin Care 

Circadia's products make use of natural ingredients for the formation of their exquisite skincare products. Plant extracts obtained from flowers, herbs, nuts, and berries, are rich in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from bacterial exposures keeping it smooth and bright.

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Biote Nutraceuticals

Biote Nutraceuticals feature superior supplements that help maintain normal hormone balance. Each Biote supplement contains well-researched ingredients that help support your health & wellness and overall wellbeing


Tanning Lotions 

Prodigy carry's a wide variety of many different lotions. Our lines vary in all price ranges to accommodate every skin tone as we as every price range.  

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U.S. Roast 

U.S. Roast is a local coffee roaster located in our home town of Mount Pleasant, TX. The company imports coffee beans nationally and freshly roast each batch to perfection. 

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Younger Essentials 

Younger Essentials is another home town product company. Located in the heart of Harelton, Texas, the Younger family customs makes each candles, bath bomb, body scrub, room spray, and so much more. 

Easy Pick Up

We thrive to make every thing as easy as possible for you. We now offer same day pick up and you never have to step foot inside of

the building. Pull into our special front row parking and call the number on the sign. We will bring it straight to you.

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